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Healthy Summer Themed Virtual Cooking Class..YUM!

This week I was fortunate enough to host another virtual cooking class. The menu theme was healthy quick burger and a summer salad. So I whipped up a Turkey burger and an heirloom tomato salad.

First thing I think of when making a turkey burger is that they usually come out dry..ugh. so I made sure I made a lemon- garlic & basil mayo that not only provides that necessary moisture to compensate for the cooked turkey. I also added an egg to the patty mixture to soften the cooked texture. I use a ring mold to measure my burger meat to not only make sure the size is consistent but to make certain that the patty is not to small for the bun after its cooked. Burger patties like to shrink. Gotta have a perfect burger to bun ratio am I right?

I love a toasted brioche bun. A healthy dollop of mayo... I'm a mayo person!

Top with crisp and crunchy sprouts shaved carrots and spinach. Slice some ripe Haas avocado. And dig in!

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