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Reunited ...and it feels so good!

Updated: Jul 4

After several months away from cooking 'in person' for my guests, I was able to finally soothe my soul and cook!! Last night was a wonderful way for me to transition back into providing my guests with a lovely meal under the stars. I cooked for them a simple family-style meal of lemon & rosemary roasted chicken, tender asparagus with a compound butter, creamy potato gratin with garlic and herbs, a serious Caesar salad packed with a punch of flavor. I love to use the recipe for Caesar dressing I learned many years ago as a green wanna be baby cook working for Italian Chef Micheal Chiarello back in Napa at Tra Vigne. Its a combo of flavors I hold dear to my heart. I toasted buttery croutons and served the romaine tossed in the dressing with shaved Reggiano parmesan. For dessert, I made 4 peach pies! I love making pie because I love to make anything that is a process with several steps. When it comes out of the oven it smelled delicious. It was served ala' mode with vanilla bean ice cream. It felt great to be a part of a special evening for my guests again. It put me in a smiley mood all week prior to this event. I've felt so cooped up. Now I have found my happy place again. In the kitchen, cooking for my guests.

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