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Wasn't it just summer yesterday?....

Didn't I just teach a class with tomatoes and cucumbers? Man, times have been shooting by nowadays. But here we are! We live in San Diego, we aren't looking forward to cozy boots and coffee here just yet. We are still enjoying summer in our heads.

But I can tell you that I can definitely appreciate fall produce. Bring on the squash and pomegranates! So for today's virtual cooking class, I put a salad on the menu of Kale and quinoa salad with candied walnuts, sliced scallions & pomegranate seeds. I roasted the butternut squash to bring out the caramelized sweetness and dressed it with a simple aged balsamic dressing. This is a sweet and savory salad for certain. 'Tis the season!

My client wanted something that her co-workers could make in 30 minutes, she also requested a quick bread served on the side. I suggested a drop biscuit. I went with my favorite, buttermilk biscuits with aged sharp cheddar and chives. The acidity in the buttermilk reacts with the baking powder to create a lift and rise. So there is no need for yeast that takes hours to develop in order to leaven the bread. Hence, the name quick bread.

They were light and fluffy.

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